Our Founder, Erin Scharf, started a charity bridal store, Brides for a Cause, in 2012. After seeing the impact her team was making for its national charity partner, she believed there were other charities that could benefit. In 2016, she started her own nonprofit, Brides Foundation, as a way for her to "spread the love" and support multiple charities, instead of just one, from her ongoing effort of recycling wedding dresses for charity. Brides for a Cause's activities will soon be taken over and continued by her nonprofit, Brides Foundation. The money raised from Brides for a Cause will benefit various women-focuses charities through its own in-house grant-making foundation, Brides Foundation. This marks the FIRST charity bridal store in the US that will have the freedom to align itself with different charities, giving us the ability to make an even greater impact in the industry, especially for charities that our donors believe in! 

Since 2012, our team has recycled thousands of wedding dresses and has raised almost $400,000 in less than 4 years. With your help, we can raise even more! Here's a quick snap shot of our accomplishments! 

What OUR TEAM HAS accomplished since 2012

  • Raised almost $400,000 for charity in less than 4 years
  • Collected over 4,000 wedding dress donations from all over the USA and Canada!
  • Sold over 5,000 dresses to brides  all over the country including Canada, Italy, Ireland, Spain, Norway, UK, Australia, Taiwan, China and Israel!
  • "Hit the road" over 45 times with our wedding dresses to other cities!
  • Collaborated with over 1,000 volunteers at our organization and road show events.

We hope you will donate your wedding dress to support Brides Foundation, so our founder's vision of reselling wedding dresses for charity can continue. Learn how you can help us accomplish our goal by donating your wedding dress

Such a great place to find a wedding dress! I am so happy to have found my dress and to help out a wonderful cause. Thank you Brides For A Cause!
— Real Bride Tiffany, Portland, OR, March 2015